We are fundraising for a new defibrillator (AED) to be placed on the outside wall of the Centre as the current machine is nearing its end of life. The GAA has engaged with an AED company to provide discounted machines to clubs around the country on the basis that the community itself helps to raise the funds, and the target is €2,150.
To help in this please click on the link below to help fund an AED to save lives. Every single donation will help as, if a lot of us give a little, we will have it paid for in no time.
In the last number of years, 42 lives across Ireland have been saved by defibrillators located in GAA facilities being used on members of their communities. This was only possible due to operational, accessible and correctly maintained defibrillators being in place. Now, as our original defibrillator is at its end of life, we are hoping to install a new one on an outside wall to make it as accessible as possible for anyone needing to use it whether they are players, spectators, walkers or anyone in the community who is in need.